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A large component of the Society of Software Engineers is the education of peers in various technologies that are up-and-coming, (frameworks for example) or that are confusing or not taught as a class. These ‘Tech Talks’ and ‘Crash Courses’ are given every other week to educate.

I have, or am going to give the following talks:


Website Security and SQL Injections:

Given on 4/21/2010 18:00

An introduction to website security and SQL injections as a form of attack as well as how to defend against them. A brief competition to compromise a poorly-coded website will be conducted.

Threading in Java:

Given on 4/7/2010 18:00

The basics of process threading and how to implement threads in Java.

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Regular Expressions:

Given on 3/24/2010 18:00

The basics of regular expressions and pattern-matching. In addition, dvanced topics such as assertions will be discussed with examples and a live pattern-matching exercise.

Public-Key and Symmetric-Key Cryptography:

Given on 3/15/2010 18:00

The basics of Public-Key and Symmetric Cryptography in relationship to the OpenPGP standards and the use of GnuPG to both secure and verify communications.

An Society of Software Engineers key-signing party will commence immediately afterwards.

PyQt4 Bindings and GUI Development:

Given on 3/10/2010 18:00

The basics of the Qt Graphical framework and developing GUIs for Python. As the Computer Science department has changed the curriculum from Java to Python, incoming students are no longer exposed to graphical development in time for SSE’s Rapid Development weekend. This talk will bring new students up to speed so that they may participate in the event.

Within the resources repository below exist source code for all examples contained within the presentation.

GITRepository | Resources

Python Unit Testing using unittest:

Given on 3/10/2010 19:00

The basics of Unit Testing using the Python unittest module are introduced. The URLParser module from the PyQt CrashBrowser application is discussed as well as the implications of regression testing.

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