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As a software engineer, I really like to design cool things. I mean, I REALLY like to design cool things! Here is a listing of my most recent projects, their source control repository (some may not be world-viewable just yet) and their descriptions.

I am currently working on the following projects in my off time:

Currently playing with:


A java client for the NearlyFreeSpeech Network’s HTTP Restful API in Java.

Currently only a read-only interface for Accounts and DNS Resource Records, but a full interface is in the works.

On GitHub


A java-based implementation of the SIP protocol.  This is designed as a building block framework for a future android encrypted VOIP application.

On GitHub


A java-based implementation of the SSH protocol.  It’s just a toy I’ve been playing with.

On GitHub


A C++-based implementation of the multicast-dns protocol.  This is designed as a building block framework for the GTv-Remote project.

On GitHub


A C++-based implementation of the Android/Google TV remote control protocol.

On GitHub


A series of common Java items that are nice-to-have.  Frameworks include:

  • Graphing Framework
  • Auto-generating GUIs for Option panels
  • …and more!  It’s a dumping ground.

On GitHub

Archived & Partially Supported:

RIT-BetterClaws Interface:

RIT/BetterClaws is both a Chrome extension and a greasemonkey script that applies an extra layer of control to RIT’s CLAWS Network Management interface.  Most notably it gives the savvy user keyboard shortcuts and a more advanced searching interface.

On GitHub.


FAST/Interpretype is a reverse-engineering of the interpretype keyboard protocol.  The hardware interpretype keyboard provides a method for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to communicate with individuals through a text-messaging like interface.  This software is currently deployed and supported throughout RIT’s Finance & Administration departments.

On GitHub.


FAST/LdapSearcher is a java application that was used by the Finance & Administration Support Technologies (FAST) system administrators to gather statistics and run reports about users in the ActiveDirectory environment.  In addition, the ability to audit users and group memberships is a key feature.

On GitHub


DeepThought is a IRC chatbot written in Java during an informal competition between the interns at FactSet during the summer of 2010.

Wiki Docs | On GitHub

No longer actively developed:

Chrome GPG:

Chrome GPG is a plugin integrating GPG with Gmail in chrome. Similar to FireGPG in functionality but with an updated NPAPI-complient API compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other Gecko-based browsers. This is very beta right now, but Signing, Encryption and key management are planned features.

SCM Manager:

A scalable plugin-based web interface for easy management of source control repositories. Plugins are/will be available for SVN, Trac, Git, Mercurial (Hg), CVS and ClearCase.


A scalable (beginning to see the theme?) templating implementation for PHP that allows a dynamic modification of the page. Excellent for plugin based applications. I designed this system for a series of websites (including the SCM project above).

Web Streamer:

An extended web interface for the VLC streaming / transcoding engine. Has the ability to kick off various types of transcriptions and provides both an internal flash player and the ability to open in external players is supported. Additionally, the ability to download converted files and to control live TV are both in incubation right now and will mature soon.

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